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Sheens & Finishes

What’s almost as important as your color? Your choice of sheen. The sheen or special finish you choose plays a huge role in how the color reads, it’s longevity, and most importantly, how your room comes together.


Flat finish, with little to no sheen, gives a luxurious, highly saturated color feel and is the most forgiving on surfaces that may be less that perfect. The drawbacks to a matte finish  is the durability of the surface and the cleanability, so it’s best used on ceilings and walls in low traffic areas like formal dining rooms and adults bedrooms.


Eggshell, with just a faint amount sheen, offers similar characteristics of matte but allows a higher level of cleanability. Eggshell is going to be the go to sheen for most of your moderate traffic living areas like livingrooms, bedrooms, halls, etc.


Satin provides an elegant, velvety soft sheen without coming across as glossy. It’s great in higher traffic rooms, moist areas like kitchens and bathrooms, trim work and cabinets where cleanability is a concern . A shift to satin or semigloss on your trim work can really set off your trim work, even if you’re using the same color.


Semi-Gloss, can not only be elegant, but is also extremely durable and cleanable. The glossier the sheens become, the more they reflect light to lend the color a luminance. Semi gloss is predominantly used for casework, trim, cabinets and doors.



Specialty Finishes

When standard paint finishes just don’t quite cut it.


Metallics, with their shimmering pearlescent surface, they reflect light and shift color as lighting conditions change creating an exquisite, dynamic accent to a room. Made with a  durable semi gloss finish, they’re perfect for trim, mantles, cabinets or, because they are available in our entire palette, whole rooms.  


Grain provides a light, stone like texture to your walls or ceilings. While Grain has a textured, matte look it retains a high resistance to scuffing and is reasonably cleanable, a rare thing in a texture finish. Its durability allows it to be used in most rooms.


Matte Glitter, is a very soft texture that, to the touch, is almost velvety. Matte Glitter gives the luxurious matte look but as the light moves across the surface it has a “shimmer” as opposed to a sheen as the light strikes the fine texture. But he best part of this beautiful finish is that it provides a matte feel but is easily washable, a great option in higher traffic areas.