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Our Philosophy


How we think about color, paint and why it's so different.

-We use all premium quality paints, stains, primers, sealers and glazes.

-We have a General Collection  of paint, made up of rich, complex colors,  with 8 values to each of these 50 colors.

-We have a collection of complex whites, blacks and vibrants paint colors.

-We have coordinating Special Finishes in Metallic, Suede and Super Flat to match any of the colors in our line.

-We use paint, not ink, in our sample chips and cards to ensure the color you see is the color you get.

-We can custom engineer any paint color so that it will behave the way you want it under any lighting condition.

-We use zero V.O.C. colorant and extremely low V.O.C. paint meeting the strictest regulatory requirements.

-We are a team of highly skilled professionals who are here to serve all your paint needs.

More about our Company and our philosophy 

What distinguishes us from other paint companies, beyond the quality of our products and our attention to service, is our understanding of color and how to engineer it.  The myth in the ‘paint world’ is that any color can be duplicated.  Nothing could be further than the truth.  It is possible to match a paint color, a number of ways, in a controlled lighting condition.  However, it is not possible to match a color,  take it to another lighting condition  and expect it to behave the same.  Since paint is made up of physical components, such as colorant and the elements in it’s base emulsion, uniquely based on that combination.  This phenomenon is referred to as metamerism.

At the Paint Laboratory, we have chosen Rocky Rochon Paint as our base line of paint, since it has been carefully engineered with metamerism in mind.   The ‘General’ Collection’ is a subtle yet complexity formulated collection of 50 colors that cover the color spectrum.  Those 50 colors each have 8 value steps, creating a 400 color collection.  These colors, due to their complex formulations, react very actively to changing light, making them very dynamic and rich.  RRP also believes strongly in representing paint as actual paint, in its sampling, unlike most paint companies who use ink to represent their paint colors.  All of their chips, cards and sampler pots come in interior eggshell finish, so you can be assured that the color you select will be the color you purchase.  RRP has also developed it’s own unique Special Finishes Collection that comes in Metallic, Grain and Matte Glitter.  The Grain is very similar to a suede-like finish and the Matte Glitter is a very flat finish with a very sparse glitter that pops out when light reflects of it at certain angles.  All three of these Special Finishes are very durable, cleanable and can come in any of the colors offered in the RRP line.  There is also a collection of vivid blues, purples, reds, oranges, yellows and greens, as well as a rich collection of complexly formulated blacks and whites.  

Even with a 500 color collection, we know there is still a strong demand for Custom Color Engineering.  We are not only focused on providing a color match, but also want to make sure this color still works in the artificial light that it will live in.  For instance, if you have a sofa fabric that you would like to custom color match, it will most likely change color from daylight to evening, artificial light.  We at The Paint Laboratory, engineer your paint color so that it will match, that fabric,  as close as possible, in both lighting conditions.

TPL carries  a full line of premium interior and exterior paints, in a variety of finishes, for walls, ceilings, floors, wood, metal and masonry.  We use zero VOC colorant and very low VOC paints, that meet or exceed the strictest environmental guidelines.  Our paint also has excellent coverage and has a beautiful creamy consistency, which painters love to use.

In a world, where painting costs can be very costly (our paint is on average about 10% of the total  cost of painting), we at TPL understand how important selecting the perfect color is.  We have outlined a process to guide you in making your color choices, from the use of imagery inspiration, to using actual paint chips, cards and samplers for brush out review, or engineering that special custom color for you if your color is not within our collections.  Through this process our colorist are here to answer any questions and help facilitate your decisions.

Paint can be the most transformative experience for any room or structure.  We look forward to making your painting experience a pleasant and fulfilling experience.  

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