We are passionate about offering solutions to contemporary problems with a modern understanding of the interplay between light, color, and materials.



Certain color pairs, or metamers, will often appear to be the same color under a single source of light, but will not match under another light source. The correct ratio of pigments can be manipulated to match a color sample under specific lighting conditions.



At The Paint Laboratory, the application of this science is how we engineer color matches and customizations for your projects, allowing for stunning, consistent results. We also boast a palette of over 500 intricately-curated hues reflecting current trends in design.


Rocky Rochon founded The Paint Laboratory, a retail paint store, in 2012. Driven by a desire to share his personally curated palette, the paint lab specializes in offering solutions based on Rocky’s his nearly 40 years in the design business.



At The Paint Laboratory we offer high-quality paints and stains, specializing in developing solutions for architects, designers, contractors and design-conscious consumers. We offer a variety of services including nation-wide shipping, hand-painted sample materials, and Color Replication services with eco-friendly products available for any project.