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Floor is a premium acrylic epoxy that produces an incredibly durable, lustrous, fast-curing water based finishes available. Appropriate for both interior and exterior use, floor is easy to apply and eco-friendly while displacing rust-causing moisture. Engineered to self-level as it cures, Floor produces an incredibly smooth, oil-like finish, with superior adhesion and chemical resistance.

Satin & Semi-Gloss sheens

  • Floor & Deck
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Dry time: 1 - 3 hours (walk-on)
  • VOC Content: >15g/L
  • Water-based acrylic enamel
  • Coverage: 350-400 sq/ft
  • Often provides one-coat coverage

Available in any Rocky Rochon Paint color or check out our Color Services page for more color options.

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